Mini probes

Small areas of skin are best treated by a targeted liquid nitrogen application using a Brymill mini probe. Contact probes must be decontaminated after every patient use. Please follow this approved decontamination method. 
They give very precise control of the marginal spread whilst also giving a faster, deeper freeze compared to open spray techniques.
Mini probes are used to treat eyelid margins, sebaceous hyperplasia, angiomas, lentigines, small flat warts with minimal keratin, trichiasis and lesions near the eyes or in the outer ear canal.
All contact probes come fitted a silicone exhaust tube to ensure the vented LN2 is directed away from the user and patient.
By applying pressure onto a lesions with a Contact probes you can reduce vascular flow, create a quicker deeper freeze and thus reduce the a freeze time.


Model #214-1 1 mm Mini Probe
Model #214-2 2 mm Mini Probe
Model #214-3 3 mm Mini Probe
Model #214-4 4 mm Mini Probe
Model #214-5 5 mm Mini Probe
Model #214-6 6 mm Mini Probe
Model #214-SP Sharp Pointed Mini Probe
Model #214-15 1.5 x 3 mm Rectangular Mini Probe
Model #214-25 2.5 x 5 mm Rectangular Mini Probe