Cryosurgical Open Sprays

Brymill’s cryosurgical open sprays are trusted by physicians and distributors around the world for their superior quality and ability to deliver better cryosurgical results for patients. All Brymill apertures, spray extensions/adapters and cryochambers are fully autoclavable.

Brymill’s apertures come in a variety of sizes for different cryosurgical procedures.


With the capability to rotate 360°, these extensions provide greater precision.


Straight spray extensions come in four sizes to access areas that are difficult to reach.


Apply larger amounts of liquid nitrogen with great precision using Brymill’s cryochambers.


Use this adapter to eliminate clogging and deliver a steady spray of liquid nitrogen.


Change the angle of the liquid nitrogen spray while keeping the Cry-Ac® unit upright.


This extension provides greater flexibility in changing the angle of liquid nitrogen spray.


Attach disposable needles to the cryosurgical unit using Brymill’s luer lock adapter.


The 10-inch malleable spray extension and wide spray aperture are ideal for Mohs labs.