Brymill’s apertures enhance the functionality of the Cry-Ac® unit to deliver superior patient results using liquid nitrogen. All Brymill apertures are fully autoclavable.

Apertures A-D

New style Conical Apertures A – D are included with each Cry-Ac® unit and gives a more focused spray for greater accuracy. Aperture size will depend upon the sizes/types of lesion.



Model #102-A

Aperture - A (0.04in.)

Model #102-B

Aperture - B (0.031in.)

Model #102-C

Aperture - C (0.022in.)

Model #102-D

Aperture - D (0.016in.)


Advanced Acne Aperture

This aperture emits a soft, vaporized spray, ideal for acne treatment and cryopeel.



Tip Package

Brymill’s tip package includes the four conical apertures plus a 1” x 20g straight spray extension and a 3” x 20g bent spray extension.

SuperSpray E Tip


(0.013in.) with back vent

Model #301 - E